Vallalar’s Mirror Yoga and the Cosmic Energy

Take a mirror and ensure the mirror with out any erroneous things or image deflection due to mercury in the mirror surface, its size (1 ¼ feet width x 2 ¼  ft height).

This size is practically fixed, so that If you sit on the floor and able to see and view u r full image on the mirror.

Always should keep in mind, other than you no one should see this mirror for to see their faces. Once u finished the meditation you should close with cloth and keep it aside.

If u knows the mantra for protection for body, soul, and direction u shall do, otherwise just pray and start this meditation. U should do in the early morning from 03.00 to 6.00 hrs; this time u can feel u r body gets energy and vibration from the cosmic energy.

First step

See u r right eye in the mirror for two minutes and close both the eyes with two hands
And then see both the eyes in the mirror for two minutes, close the eyes with hands and see inside.
then after see the whole body of yours in the mirror for one minute, then close the eyes and see inside and observe what’s happening,

Same steps u follows for three or four times (maximum cumulated time is 15 to 20 minutes) finally view the throat for 2 minutes and close the eyes and complete the meditation.


Day by day energy will increase and make the physical body and astral body fit for meditation

Optical Character Reading With Tesseract OCR


Installing on Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr

Installing  Imagemagick(useful)
sudo apt-get install imagemagick
Usage  “Convert -density 300 scandoc.pdf -depth 8 scandoc.tif”

How to use
cd /home/venkat
Convert -density 300 scanpg1.pdf -depth 8 scanpg1.tif
tesseract scanpg1.tif outputtext
tesseract scanpg1.tif outputtext hocr

UI for tesseract

Training Tesseract

Make your PC Talk with Festival [Linux]

Festival is free software written in C++. It is a multilingual TTS system and framework developed by The Centre for Speech Technology Research at the University of Edinburgh.

Download the tar file from its download page.
Or for ubuntu use,
sudo apt-get install festival

To open up an interactive prompt, simply type

The command to make it talk:
(SayText “Hello, world!”)

To read from file and speak aloud
festival –tts [file]

To produce an audio file directly from festival
text2wave testtext.txt -o audiofile.wav

Open Source/ Free Text-to-Speech ( TTS ) C, C++ libraries

(code in C, “cross-platform”)

eSpeak text to speech
(coded in C, for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, …)

The Festival Speech Synthesis System
(code in C++, “cross-platform”)

Festival Text-to-Speech Online Demo

(coded in Java)

few more listed in

Modern C++

Modern C++ a.k.a C++11  is a new language. It is different from the C++98 and it focus on performance, safe, efficient and portable code and improves developer productivity.

Books on Modern C++

The C++ Programming Language 4th Ed by Bjarne Stroustrup. The 4th edition has been revised and updated for the C++11 standard.

C++ Primer by Stanley Lippman The latest edition has been completely re-written for the C++11 standard.

The C++ Standard Library, 2nd Ed by Nicolai Josuttis. The 2nd edition has been revised and updated for the C++11 standard.

Major events and happenings related to C++ [ The Home Page of Standard C++ ] [ The Home Page of Bjarne Stroustrup, the designer of C++ ]

IoT Device – from Bosch Connected Devices & Solutions GmbH (BCDS)

“BCDS’s first product is a stick-on
door sensor the size of a matchbox, that detects the status of the door, can tell the difference
between movement, knocking and violent intrusion and send reports to the cloud which can in turn send a phone alert to
appropriate persons.”

The HIS110 unit can also be applied to windows and detects conditions such as whether doors and
windows are open, closed or tilted and offers advanced detection of intrusion attempts. This functionality can even be
extended to monitor universal movement detection


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